• The sessions have helped me so much, i am now recording and mixing music in a way i thought i’d never be able too! You explain things so clearly that it all makes so much sense. Thanks again Vaughn!!

    Del Dhillon

    Hip Hop Producer

  • Hi Vaughn, just to say thanks for the Training in Logic Pro, it has really helped me get to grips with both midi and audio, better still the students seem very impressed that i know all of the cool techniques you showed me for dance music! See you again soon.

    David Williams

    Music Teacher Nottingham High School

  • I’m already making tracks that i like and will soon be making some to play in my set! Book you again soon to know even more essential inside tips!!

    Rick Davey

    DJ B.Vis

  • Top session again, just loving Logic, the tracks are just gettin better and better!

  • Thought i’d post this to say nice one for today’s session! all the little production techniques you keep showing me keep notching the level of my tracks up and up, Automation!!!!

  • Hi Vaughn, just thought i’d post this to say thanks, our band recordings sound absolutely fab thanks to your training, we really don’t ever need to book a studio ever again do we! We’re now clear on how to record, how to edit, how to mix and so much more, so thanks again, this really…

    Charlie Jones

    Singer Song Writer

  • Brilliant mate, it’s all coming together, sessions are the best! I’ll be seeing you again soon for more knowledge!

    Gary Wilson

    DJ JusSoul (Residents Soul Heaven Liverpool and Bushwackers Birmingham)

  • Just a quick one to say i learnt so much, the session was brilliant! Logic is amazing!. Catch you soon!

    Sinead Harnett

    Vocalist with Rudimental and Disclosure

  • When I first arrived at Media Recordings, I knew nothing about music production other than how a track should be structured for DJ purposes. My early efforts involving Garageband and a load of loops was a start but nothing compared to the potential that lay in front of me, the primary challenge was that I…

    Paul Hart

    DJ PJP