Logic Pro X Drummer Tracks

Logic Pro has been Apples pro music application since they purchased the product from Emagic back in 2004 and...

Logic Pro has been Apples pro music application since they purchased the product from Emagic back in 2004 and since then they have continually added cutting edge technologies as you would expect from the world leading technology company. Logic Pro X has been a long time in arriving, so you would expect Apple to introduce some groundbreaking technologies and one is Drummer Tracks!

Creating authentic drums tracks in your songs is not easy, you need really good samples, a good knowledge of midi editing including various editors and have an understanding of drum styles and patterns. Even with this knowledge the process can be time consuming especially if your track requires numerous fills and variation. Obviously you can use loops but these can be very repetitive even if you have the odd variation loop! Drummer Tracks allow you to create truly authentic patterns in a number of genres and styles within Logic Pro X using a native plugin.

Logic Pro X Drummer Track

So how do Drummer Tracks work; Logic Pro X now offers additional track types one of which is a Drummer Track, when you load one into a session an drum audio file is loaded along with an imaginary drummer with a distinct playing style. You can then choose a drum genre R&B, Rock etc, then Performance i.e Loud, Soft, Complex, Simple playing and use an X/Y pad to vary the playback of these.

Logic Pro x Drummer Tracks Performance Options

You also have additional, performance style options that augment the already mentioned performance options such as New School, Flow, Common which dramatically alter the drums you are hearing. In addition to this you can choose the amount of fills to be played, feel such as push and pull, the prominence of ghost hits, hi hat style, swing and alter the amount of hits per bar of the key drum instruments which again alter performance dramatically.

All of these functions allow you to create amazing, complex, drum performances that sound more like a real player than ever before, but when you consider that all of these options are region specific the power of these Drummer Tracks is truly realised. You can make drum tracks in Logic Pro X containing extensive variation that has been previously unimaginable and unobtainable anywhere!

And just when you thought that’s astonishing technology, there is also the option of changing specific drums in the kit, such as a kick and it’s tuning, whether it’s dampened etc..

Logic Pro X New Drum Plugin

All in all Drummer Tracks are a significant leap forward in the creation of real drumming performances in Logic Pro, if you are making tracks that require that live vibe then upgrading to Logic Pro X may be well worth it for Drummer Tracks alone!