Logic Pro X is Here!

So finally Logic Pro X arrives, we’ve been waiting along time for this new updated version of Apples Pro Music application and on first glance it doesn’t disappoint! http://www.mediarecordings.co.uk/logic-pro-x

The interface itself has been re-designed to allow for custom views meaning you can remove certain parameters that you find confusing and will never use. You can also consolidate tracks such as drums into stacked tracks, you can also create a Summing Stack which automatically creates a submix of the selected tracks, really quick and simple.

Apple have introduced Smart Controls, these allow you to edit synthesizers and effects via the use of a simplified screen containing only the key parameters for that plugin, great if you are looking at a device such as ES2 Synth with its numerous controls.

Apple also introduce Drummer tracks. These are 15 virtual drummers—sampled from pro studio drummers. Create one of these tracks and choose from four styles—Rock, Alternative, Songwriter, or R&B. You can then choose the drummer you’d like to use, think of drummers actually being inside Logic! These drum tracks can be used simply to add variation to loops or more intricately using sub styles or even an X/Y pad to produce dramatically different styles, you can even mute selected drums, kick for example at particular points in your track via automation!

Flex Pitch is a new feature that allows you to analyze and adjust the pitch of individual notes in an audio file. Flex Pitch works in a similar way to Flex Time. Flex Pitch gives you an easy way to see if the notes are in pitch, grabbing the note and moving it will bring it into pitch, very similar to midi note editing on the piano roll! You are offered different functionality to adjust the note, six adjustment points allow you to manipulate Pitch Drift, Fine Pitch, Formant Shift, Vibrato and Gain.

Logic Pro X is now designed to work with the iPad the Logic Remote App. It connects via Wi-Fi and allows you to use your iPad to record, mix and play instruments. You can navigate through Logic and make changes away from your mac, great if you are reviewing a mix of your song on room monitors for example!

Logic Pro X, has so many other new features, including bass amp modeling, a new retro synth, an extensive upgrade to the sound library plus much more. Logic is also only £139/$199, that’s the price of my upgrade from Logic Pro 8 to Logic Pro 9, it’s a bargain!

Logic Pro X requires 4GB of RAM, a display with 1280 x 768 resolution or higher, OS X v10.8.4 or later and 64-bit Audio Units plug-in.

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Sinead Harnett – Vocalist with Rudimental and Disclosure

Just a quick one to say i learnt so much, the session was brilliant! Logic is amazing!. Catch you soon!

Sinead Harnett – Vocalist with Rudimental and Disclosure

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