Ableton Live Training

Ableton is a complete dance production suite combining synths, sampler, drum machine and effects to provide you with an entire studio in one program.

The benefits of our training include;

One to One Training – So you can ask as many questions as you like!

Accelerated Learning – You can be making your own tracks within 1 session!

Tailored Sessions – So you learn what’s important to you!

Training on Location – The convenience of training in your home studio and no hassle travelling!

Our Training is One to One which means you will be able to start producing your own tracks after a single session! The benefits of our personal training is it can be tailored to accommodate you, so you get exactly what you want from the training and learn what’s relevant to your chosen genre of dance music.

We also design our training to work around you so it can be done on location in your home studio any day of the week, including weekends!

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We offer 3 Training Packages

  • Tailored Sessions

    These sessions are designed around your objectives, typically the genre in which you want to work, along with specific requirements, perhaps Live DJ work, Mixing in detail, Understanding Synths and Synthesis

    8 Hours Training £199

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  • 4 Day Full Course

    This course Covers everything Ableton has to offer in detail; Midi Programing, Midi Editing, Audio Recording, Audio Editing, Automation, Mixing Plugins Explained, Mixing Technique Sequencing, Synthesis, Drum Programming plus more. By the ned of this course you will have a full understanding of Ableton and be bale to produce commercial quality tracks. These 4 sessions can be taken over a month, 1 day a week to allow you time to practice after each session.

    4 x 8 Hour Sessions £779

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  • Do in a Day Crash Course

    This 8 hour session covers all the basic elements of Ableton including Midi Programing, Midi Editing, Audio Loops, Mixing Essentials, Sequencing, Synthesis and more…..this session will allow you to make make your own tracks!

    8 Hours Training £199

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Our specialist subjects

Meet our logic specialist

  • Vaughn Jones

    Has worked in Music Technology for over 20 years with all kinds of artists and genres including dance production, indie rock, acid jazz, folk, Industrial, orchestral ensembles.

    Vaughn is Apple Certified in Logic Pro and has trained hundreds of people over the last decade!

Apple Certified Pro


Sinead Harnett – Vocalist with Rudimental and Disclosure

Just a quick one to say i learnt so much, the session was brilliant! Logic is amazing!. Catch you soon!

Sinead Harnett – Vocalist with Rudimental and Disclosure

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